Portraiture with Chris Orwig and Charles Stagg

It is always nice to see an artist like Charles Stag that is proud of their work but not too boastful. He is very modest about his grand creations. There was a bunch of interesting light going on in his little glass bottle house. I also like seeing how other photographers work, it helps me to add to my workflow when I’m shooting. Having new ways to look at photography and art makes it refreshing every time you go out to create.

I really liked Charles Stagg’s quote, “Happiness is not having to measure anything.” We get so busy thinking about how we can reach perfection and we sometimes lose track of our creativity. The more organic a creative processes usually lead to more interesting work. I definitely tend to gravitate towards images that feel a bit more organic than completely posed. A mixture of the two is always nice as well.

I can definitely agree with Chris Orwig that photography allows for a unique privilege to get to know people. We get certain into their lives that wouldn’t really happen in a different scenario. There is something about a person opening up their world to you visually that really stimulates creativity. In the case of Chris Orwig and Charles Stagg, Chris was really feeding off of Charles Stagg. He began to be more and more creative as he entered more and more into his world.


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