Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

Dorothea Lange lived quite a life. Something I can definitely see in her is resilience. A lot of them it seemed like she the cards stacked against her but she made it work for her. She was able to have her voice heard and it was game changer for the photography world. Her images showed the truth. She showed real people going through their real lives. Her depiction of people is a testament of true story telling. Her work evokes such emotion. I think the reason she is able to pull out so much emotion in her work is due to her emotionally rocky family relationships. Having felt her own emotional discomfort, she was able to recognize distress in others. This then would lead to her very captivating, emotional pieces of work. I truly appreciate black and white photography so much more after being exposed to more of her work. It truly adds to her way of story telling. The way she plays with light captivates her audience and lets them know that this alone can only have been done by her.


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