Catherine Opie

I love Catherine Opie’s understanding of time. She plays with the concept of time throughout all of her work. Each standstill moment captured in her photographs depicts such emotion and vibrance that is very unique. I really enjoy her documentary style photographs and how she mixes it with landscape aspects. Her work is so interesting due to it’s multi-layered nature. You can tell from her work that she really understands people, no matter if that is her subject or not. She know how to pull emotion out of image and have it speak to her viewers. Just by looking at her work, you can tell she is a very interesting person and that there is something to learn from her. I like that she is a an all-around photographer and not being stuck with a certain niche. It makes her more versatile and more dangerously creative. It allows her overlap concepts, ultimately making her work more interesting. The concept of time and fleeting moments is something that really stayed with me when viewing Opie’s work. It is in those fleeting moments that we can truly learn about ourselves and the environment involved.


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