People Connecting with Food and Each Other

Food has helped to form many of the important bonds I have in my life. It has brought me closer to people in ways many things can not. Breaking bread with people allows you to understand the person, from their eating habits, their likes and dislikes, and anything that comes into conversation. In most societies, food is a communal affair. You eat with those around you and words are exchanged. Relationships are formed and celebrated with food. When you go out on a date, food is usually part of that event. Holidays are not truly holidays without grand meal. Food is a necessity to our livelihood, but it is also important to the social aspect of our life. It is a part of our identity. It signifies our interests and gives people insight into who we are. In a sense, the saying, “you are what you eat” can considered to be true. If you are filled with warm, delicious good food, it generally makes you a warm and happy person at the time. Give someone a cold cheese sandwich, most of the time they aren’t the happiest campier. Of course this is all situational, but food and hunger does tie into our personal happiness. This sentiment is also echoed in the saying, “The way to any man’s heart is his stomach.”

Penny De Los Santos thoughts on photographing food are similar with opinion of food. She sees it as a means for us to communicate to one another, even though we may not understand each other at times. Food transcends language. It is something that we all understand and need in our lives. Precious moments are shared with people where there is food and when it is absent. The food that we eat signifies our culture, our well-being, and our relationships with each other. Some food for thought is that food is more about the time shared with each other or our thoughts, rather than the food itself. Sure you can enjoy some delicious spaghetti all by yourself, but this information is something you would share with someone else. In instances where you eat alone, you still find a way to connect with others. Food is about people and we would not people without food.


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