Anna Mia Davidson

Anna Mia Davidson is a photographer all about connecting with people and nature. From her work, you can truly see this connection. She understands that there is something about nature that is magical. She also understands the power of photography and how it connects us to one another. It may be a photographer-subject relationship, or even a photographer-viewer relationship, but she know how to connect to people and the importance of that. She even said it herself that being able to connect with her subjects makes the work that much better. In Ukraine, when she had to communicate with the use of a translator, she didn’t like much of her work since their was a barrier. The disconnect was not beneficial to her work. I really admire her use of film for all of her work. The aesthetic  she has is just amazing and eye-catching. The more and more I see film photography work, the more I want to dive into it.

The one message that really stood out is the importance of connecting. Connecting with others is what helps us get through some of the hard times in life. Connections also help to enhance all the good times. If we are not able to connect to things and people around us then we are not truly living. Being able to understand one another on any level allows us to learn not only about other people, but also about ourselves. We learn the most about ourselves from our interactions with other people. We also tend to be happiest when we with other people. It is in our human nature to seek connections such as these.


The Feels at The Copper Door

Last Thursday, I was given the opportunity to document an event that one of my friends was DJing at. He had asked for me to do video after seeing my February Recap video and so I jumped at the opportunity. I decided to take pictures as well and experimented with the low light situation. Shooting in this space was really difficult and had me on my toes. I utilized a speedlight for most of the night which definitely helped. I definitely got more comfortable as the night went on and wouldn’t mind shooting an event like this again. It was a fun time and I really like how the images turned out. I can’t wait to get started on the video!


Long Exposure

The first thing I automatically think of when I hear or see the words “long exposure” I think of light painting. It’s not something I have really done but I have always been a fan of it. Most people gravitate towards this type of long exposure shooting when they first start photography because playing with lights in the dark is really fun. I can definitely attest to this. I didn’t want to just paint with lights thought. I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate it into my portrait photography. In order to do so, I utilized a speedlight to capture the subject and then used the rest of the exposure time painting with light. I really want to explore this more, since when I was shooting it started to rain and we had to run inside. Long exposures are really fun. I think it has to do with how challenging they can be. It’s the unpredictability of what the camera is gonna capture. This may be how film photographers feel sometimes not knowing what is going to develop.

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

For this assignment, I chose to repurpose colored glass and plastic in order to make homemade filters. Initially I started off with a glass Coca-Cola bottle but I didn’t like the results. I continued to explore the house and find different things to shoot through. I found some plastic bottles we had and then vases. I feel like made some interesting images that I would not be able to create again. I definitely wouldn’t mastering this technique and applying it to my portrait work.


Jan Staller and Edward Burtynsky

These two individuals create imagery out of things we normally wouldn’t think of photographing. Everyday waste is turned into amazing art and pieces of storytelling when put in front of them. For our upcoming assignment, I would probably steer my work closer to the direction Jan Staller is going. Edward Burtynsky has created some really powerful imagery that makes you pay attention to your personal consumption. We use to many resources in this small world of our and we truly do not know how much we waste until it is put right in front of us. We are really fortunate to not have to deal with the waste of the world in our country. Production and waste go so hand and hand but we don’t really think of the two together. It doesn’t really become a closed loop until someone steps in to make you realize things need to be changed.

For the upcoming assignment, I think I will analyze the shapes that are left in our trashcans on campus. I don’t think we realize the waste we make as thousands of student and faculty come in and out of rooms. We eat, drink, open, and throw away so much. I’m sure no one truly knows how much waste there is, unless they are the one’s physically handling it.

Shooting with Flor Garduño: Heroic Ladies

After experiencing Flor Garduño’s exhibit at MOPA, one thing that resonated with me is her portrayal of women. She celebrates their beauty and power in her work. They are seen as magnificent creatures that deserve respect and love. This is why I chose to photograph four lovely ladies that I respect and love. They are a wonderful group of women pursuing their dreams, trying to the live the happiest lives that they can. I have had the pleasure of spending late nights and early mornings in preparation for dance performances with these four. We have shared the stage with each other on different occasions and we continually support one another in our endeavors, whether it be on or off the stage. I am so proud to have seen the growth of these lovely ladies as dancers and people, as well as the bond they have together, even though they live busy lives.

I chose to portray theses ladies in black and white because I feel like there is a magic to black and white, that is sometimes lost in color. I wanted it to be just them and their presence. I was also playing with the concept of the gaze. There is power when the subject gives you direct eye contact, as well as when they are avoiding it. Each registers different emotions but is strong nonetheless. I am quite happy with what I have created and I know they are definitely happy about the process we went through, as well as the results.

Graciela Iturbido

After exploring some black and whites of my own photography just a bit ago, I really find Graciela Iturbido’s photography fascinating. There is just something about the energy captured in black and white film photography that can’t really be replicated completely in digital. She seems to be a very fascinating women that is always searching for new ways to express herself and that is something to admire. I can relate to her in that my love for photography also branches off from my father. I didn’t steal photos from my father like she did, but my dad introduced me to it with his old Canon film camera when I was younger. I really enjoy that she has a variety of subject matter. She does not pinhole himself into one type of photography. I think that is what makes her a forever evolving artist. Being able to dabble in so many types of photography makes you look at everything differently. I will definitely pull some inspiration from her work when I shoot. You really can’t help but admire her adventurous nature when it comes to her art. She is able to capture communities in a way that is unique to her own work.

“Creativity is needed to keep moving forward.” – Graciela Iturbido

Food Photography

Food photography is more difficult than I thought it would be. I can surely say this is the most trouble I have had to find an interesting subject. It may have been because I haven’t had a very interesting week when it comes to food. This may be my least favorite type of photography but I am glad I tried it out.