Graciela Iturbido

After exploring some black and whites of my own photography just a bit ago, I really find Graciela Iturbido’s photography fascinating. There is just something about the energy captured in black and white film photography that can’t really be replicated completely in digital. She seems to be a very fascinating women that is always searching for new ways to express herself and that is something to admire. I can relate to her in that my love for photography also branches off from my father. I didn’t steal photos from my father like she did, but my dad introduced me to it with his old Canon film camera when I was younger. I really enjoy that she has a variety of subject matter. She does not pinhole himself into one type of photography. I think that is what makes her a forever evolving artist. Being able to dabble in so many types of photography makes you look at everything differently. I will definitely pull some inspiration from her work when I shoot. You really can’t help but admire her adventurous nature when it comes to her art. She is able to capture communities in a way that is unique to her own work.

“Creativity is needed to keep moving forward.” – Graciela Iturbido


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