Shooting with Flor Garduño: Heroic Ladies

After experiencing Flor Garduño’s exhibit at MOPA, one thing that resonated with me is her portrayal of women. She celebrates their beauty and power in her work. They are seen as magnificent creatures that deserve respect and love. This is why I chose to photograph four lovely ladies that I respect and love. They are a wonderful group of women pursuing their dreams, trying to the live the happiest lives that they can. I have had the pleasure of spending late nights and early mornings in preparation for dance performances with these four. We have shared the stage with each other on different occasions and we continually support one another in our endeavors, whether it be on or off the stage. I am so proud to have seen the growth of these lovely ladies as dancers and people, as well as the bond they have together, even though they live busy lives.

I chose to portray theses ladies in black and white because I feel like there is a magic to black and white, that is sometimes lost in color. I wanted it to be just them and their presence. I was also playing with the concept of the gaze. There is power when the subject gives you direct eye contact, as well as when they are avoiding it. Each registers different emotions but is strong nonetheless. I am quite happy with what I have created and I know they are definitely happy about the process we went through, as well as the results.


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