Jan Staller and Edward Burtynsky

These two individuals create imagery out of things we normally wouldn’t think of photographing. Everyday waste is turned into amazing art and pieces of storytelling when put in front of them. For our upcoming assignment, I would probably steer my work closer to the direction Jan Staller is going. Edward Burtynsky has created some really powerful imagery that makes you pay attention to your personal consumption. We use to many resources in this small world of our and we truly do not know how much we waste until it is put right in front of us. We are really fortunate to not have to deal with the waste of the world in our country. Production and waste go so hand and hand but we don’t really think of the two together. It doesn’t really become a closed loop until someone steps in to make you realize things need to be changed.

For the upcoming assignment, I think I will analyze the shapes that are left in our trashcans on campus. I don’t think we realize the waste we make as thousands of student and faculty come in and out of rooms. We eat, drink, open, and throw away so much. I’m sure no one truly knows how much waste there is, unless they are the one’s physically handling it.


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