Long Exposure

The first thing I automatically think of when I hear or see the words “long exposure” I think of light painting. It’s not something I have really done but I have always been a fan of it. Most people gravitate towards this type of long exposure shooting when they first start photography because playing with lights in the dark is really fun. I can definitely attest to this. I didn’t want to just paint with lights thought. I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate it into my portrait photography. In order to do so, I utilized a speedlight to capture the subject and then used the rest of the exposure time painting with light. I really want to explore this more, since when I was shooting it started to rain and we had to run inside. Long exposures are really fun. I think it has to do with how challenging they can be. It’s the unpredictability of what the camera is gonna capture. This may be how film photographers feel sometimes not knowing what is going to develop.


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