Anna Mia Davidson

Anna Mia Davidson is a photographer all about connecting with people and nature. From her work, you can truly see this connection. She understands that there is something about nature that is magical. She also understands the power of photography and how it connects us to one another. It may be a photographer-subject relationship, or even a photographer-viewer relationship, but she know how to connect to people and the importance of that. She even said it herself that being able to connect with her subjects makes the work that much better. In Ukraine, when she had to communicate with the use of a translator, she didn’t like much of her work since their was a barrier. The disconnect was not beneficial to her work. I really admire her use of film for all of her work. The aesthetic  she has is just amazing and eye-catching. The more and more I see film photography work, the more I want to dive into it.

The one message that really stood out is the importance of connecting. Connecting with others is what helps us get through some of the hard times in life. Connections also help to enhance all the good times. If we are not able to connect to things and people around us then we are not truly living. Being able to understand one another on any level allows us to learn not only about other people, but also about ourselves. We learn the most about ourselves from our interactions with other people. We also tend to be happiest when we with other people. It is in our human nature to seek connections such as these.


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