Dani Diamond

Dani Diamond is a photographer that I definitely look up to. He has his own aesthetic that can be easily picked out it if his images were thrown into a mix of other photos from other photographers. He understands that the eyes are really key to a good portrait. Many of his portraits utilize the gaze and the way he photographs the eyes of the models is just amazing. A majority of his work is done in natural light, although he does know how to use studio lighting. Asides from being a good photographer, he really knows how to post process his images, which really adds to his look. I hope to be able to incorporate his techniques into my style of photography. 102225895-caitlin-natural-light100197659-danni-natural-light97082095-rachel-natural-light-1024x833


Portraits of my Sister

For this Portrait Session, I wanted to take advantage of the time to spend time with my sister. It was a really good time. I love photo sessions with her. We don’t always get to spend time with each other due to our busy schedules. I always treasure we have together.  She has always been so supportive of my art. Whenever we work together, the bond we have together always shines through. These images are definitely not an exception.


Panoramic photographs are definitely something I have never pursued before. It shows in the difficulty I had with this assignment. The one that I have posted is the only one I really liked from my experimenting. There will be more added at a later date.