Photographing Strangers: Ashley Gilbertson

I think photographing strangers is an interesting way to approach life. It causes you to intervene in someone one’s life as well as capture a moment that will never be there again. Sometimes it will allow you to get to meet someone new and other times it may make you an enemy. It opens up the world to you that is different from simply taking photographs of things that are familiar to you. New stories are brought to the forefront, and you generally get to catch some natural moments. Usually when you put a camera to someone’s face, they tend to think there is a certain way they are suppose to act or look like. This then causes the moment that you captured to be more orchestrated than organic. I also think photographing strangers teaches you patience. By not initially approaching your subject, it forces you to wait for the perfect moment to snap the shutter button. Sometimes you’ll get the perfect shot, sometimes you won’t but you will learn to time things as you experience more and more of those moments.



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