Defying Darkness: Jerry Berndt

Jerry Berndt was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1943. He is a documentary photographer that has series on the genocide in Rwanda, civil war in Haiti and the homeless people in the US. Brendt’s work is not foreign to publication, his work has been seen in the New York Times, Newsweek, and Paris Match.


The image of his that really captivated me at the Defying Darkness exhibit was his piece Hooker outside Ort’s Golden Nugget, which is a part of his Combat Zone Collection. The rest of that collection can be found at the Jerry Berndt Estate site. Since Jerry Berndt has passed, the Jerry Berndt Estate is responsible for cataloguing Berndt’s photos. They do a very good job by categorizing all the photos and make sure the technique used to capture the photos are recorded.


“This is photography as emotion. Jerry goes somewhere and makes you feel what it felt like, not just what it looked like.” Eugene Richards



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