Shooting in the Dark

When I went to shoot, I took inspiration from Jerry W. Berndt’s Hooker outside Ort’s Golden Nugget, The Combat Zone, Boston, MA.


The elements I took from it were the partially illuminated background and street portraiture. One of the first images I took, echoes what I was trying to emulate a bit. Lately, I have been finding that shooting in low light really lends well to black and white. When I was shooting with my lovely girlfriend, Bri, the only real sources of light we had was the lamppost above us. That light helped to highlight some of her clothes. I used the flashlight on my phone to expose her face a little more. For the images, that are more back-lit and show rim lighting, I used my car head lights. I chose to work with more limited resources to challenge myself a bit to see what I could create. I am quite happy about how this set of photos came out!


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