Inside Track for Against All Odds

I absolutely loved video from the Annenberg Space for Photography. All the elements of story telling really drew me in. Just as Robyn Davidson told Rick Smolan that her trip wouldn’t have been the same without him, this story would not have the same merit if it didn’t have all it’s story telling elements. The intertwining of the photographs, interview, and cinematic film visuals just worked so well together. I was truly captivated by the story. It was really engaging. The photographs that Smolan produced really show the beauty of the desert and the journey that Davidson went on. You can really see how he saw her in the way he captured her on camera. Although documentary photography is supposed to be unbiased, you cannot help but influence your own images. This is true in what he documented of her journey. This wonderful journey was documented so well by him, and I’m sure it would be different if another photographer were the one to be on assignment with her. No matter the type of photography or subject, the imagery is always about the relationship developed by the photographer and the subject.

The two following quotes from the video really resonate with me and I’m sure anyone in search of themselves would appreciate them.

“You are as powerful as you allow yourself to be.”

“Don’t let fear inhibit your life.”


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