Roberto Guerra

Roberto Guerra is a very talented documentary photographer from San Antonio, TX that is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His work usually addresses the social justice issues of the world. He has documented about places all around the world such as Ecuador, Peru, Barcelona, and even the United States. The project I decided to dive into was one of his stories of Ecuador, The Cofan. I really love his compostions, with a lot of them consisting of his subject being in the lower part of the frame allowing for more of their surroundings to be shown. He also captures the gaze of his subjects quite well, which just grabs your attention. In some of his photographs, there is an airiness that gives the world being depicted a majestic nature. The images of all the people are very intimate, and the viewer is easier invited into their world. It is images like these that make me love monochrome photography even more. There is just a quality to them that I think cannot be found in colored photographs.


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