FEARLESS: Jeff Sheng

I find Jeff Sheng to be really inspiring. I really enjoy seeing how he took his life experiences and applied it to his art. Through his work, he continues to explore himself and also allows others to help find themselves. You never really know when you start something how it will affect the world. Jeff Sheng’s work has made such a great impact in the world and he is so humble about what he has down. He just wants show us the light and let it linger in our minds.

For anyone exploring a personal project, they can definitely learn from Jeff Sheng. There is really an audience for everything. Even though you may have a intended audience, there is more likely to be more people interested in what you have to say. After hearing Jeff Sheng’s artist talk, I am really motivated to make use of my documentary project to educate people about Multiple Sclerosis and all the other “Invisible Diseases” that many people give a blind eye to. People need to be informed that these issues are important. Some people live in a world that their reality is only what is put in front of them. I think it’s time we showed them what they need to know. It’s time for us to be FEARLESS and share our work and insight with the world.



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