Top 100 Most Influential Photos of All Time: Case Study House no. 22


As soon as I saw this image, I had to chose it after seeing all the photos. I have always had a love of architecture and after being introduced for Julius Schulman, I could not help but admire his work. His work is a combination of two things that I love, architecture and photography. For the longest time, I have wanted a book of his photography. I remember after seeing a documentary about him, I considered making architecture one of my main focuses in photography.

Julius Schulman knew how to capture the essence of a space and make it breathe life. This image was a part of a case study that studied California homes that embraced modernism and the use of industrial materials. The home depicted in the photo is the Stahl House designed by Pierre Koenig. This was the most successful of the case study, with “it’s embodiment of the Good Life and the California Dream!”


Brianna the Rose: Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving didn’t exactly go as planned…

The day before Thanksgiving, Bri wasn’t feeling so well since she didn’t sleep too much that night. I know this because when I was awake that whole night working on homework, she would intermittently check up on me with a text or call. I already know her sleeping pattern was off and figured it would catch up on her, but I didn’t think it would result in her being admitted to the hospital. But now we are just getting ahead of ourselves.

Bri and her mother went to see her primary doctor, and he ended up just telling her to go to the Emergency Room at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. At the E.R., she was seen, got blood work done, then ultimately told by her neurologist that she would be admitted so that she can be given her steroid treatment, and fluids to help with her hydration. Of course she wasn’t the happiest of campers to be in the hospital, we did what we could to make her comfortable.

The first night she was at the hospital, I stayed with her and brought all her belongs, as well as a couple board games. We had a good ol’ time playing those games. We were having so much fun, we didn’t even realize what time it was when we started getting hungry. I fetched us some snacks from the only vending machine we could find and we finished up a movie and finally went to sleep around 3 am Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day, Brianna saw the on call doctor and the physical therapist. The doctor said that she will just be receiving the steroids as treatment and then will be able to go home once she feels like she is up to it. The physical therapist was there for her to learn how to use a worker and see where she was on her physical strength. She did pretty good when she was working with the physical therapist, she just felt winded after all the walking in the halls. We then got some air outside on the terrace of the floor we were on. The warm sun really felt good compared to the air conditioned inside. She was definitely having a good time since we were able to play some Pokemon Go. We eventually went inside to play more board games. Little did she know, two of our friends were coming to visit her and bring her Thanksgiving food. She really appreciated them visiting; she almost started crying because of the surprise. They played some games with us and then eventually headed home. Before they left, Bri’s parents came with a home made Thanksgiving meal. She was so happy! (It’s because she really loves food.) We had a lot of people passing by admiring what they did for their lovely daughter. I think she ended up having a pretty swell Thanksgiving.

Why I didn’t go to MOPA…

So this past weekend, I had the intention of going to MOPA on Saturday morning life got in the way. The previous night, my girlfriend had injection night, and was feeling okay for the first couple of hours but before I was about to head home, she became weak and fatigued. She struggled to walk on her own and at times would potentially faint. She insisted she would be fine if I were to head home. Of course, like always, we went back and forth about what would be good for her. Eventually I went home. I called her once I got home and then she seemed to have gotten a bit worse. She started to complain about a major headache and not being able to feel her legs. I was going to head back to her but she insisted she was fine and she just needed to sleep. We ended up staying up on the phone for a couple of hours and I raised her spirits. She was in a bad place saying she didn’t have it in her to fight on. This caused me to shed tears. I didn’t want her to give up on herself because I know how strong she is. This was a really had night for us. Her physical pain turned into my emotional pain. She eventually got to laughing when we were talking about something and that definitely made me feel better. We went to sleep and after a few hours she called me to come over since she didn’t have anyone to help her get out of bed to go to the restroom. I ended up getting to her house at 5 am and I was able to get her to the bathroom. We then laid next to each other in bed and held her close to keep her warm. One of the side effects of her medication is chills, so even though her body may be burning up, she still feels like she is in the freezer. Having a body next to her always helps. It’s either usually her mother or myself. Her mom was out of town last week, so I was there for her as I always try to be. I ended up staying with her the whole day to take care of her needs. Towards the end of the day, she ended up feeling better. It was just another one of those days for us.

Brianna the Rose: Dance

Another dance day for us. I didn’t take part again but I was there to hang out and watch her have fun. I also was there because it was medication night and it was in her leg. She’s capable of doing it on her own, but she doesn’t really like doing it to herself. It does look a bit more difficult though doing it on yourself. Our friends have done this countless times at rehearsal when we used to dance competitively so nothing new to them.

Natalie Fobes

Natalie Fobes is really connected to nature in her work. Her work about the Salmon is very enlightening. I would have never thought about there being a Salmon culture. Then again there is always a culture surrounding things related to agriculture. People live off the land still, even if that isn’t so apparent now a days with the surge of technology. I really enjoy her passion when it comes to her work. She really throws herself in there in order to get the coverage she wants. Asides from her technical still, I think it was hard work and passion that got her into National Geographic. You can just tell that its instilled in her from hearing her speak. She is able to capture some great moments that I couldn’t even fathom of witnessing. She captures the wonders of the world, as well as the disasters. She shows us the things we need to see in order to appreciate the world we live in. Her work is thought provoking and it is something that all artists strive to do. I definitely think art is only as good as the conversations they stimulate.

An-My Le

An-My Le is a documentary photographer with a focus on military and war. Her work is not like the work of Navy documentary photographers I have seen. It is “ambigious” as she puts it. It’s not just about the military itself, but how it also affects the land, or sometimes, how it doesn’t. Her work is very compelling, especially when she is able to capture such great moments. I think what also makes her working interesting, is that each photograph that she takes is an experience, and that probably has to do with the camera she uses. I’m very intrigued by her technique. She is really talented with her manipulation of large format photography.

I’ve always been intrigued by military documentary photography after hearing about Nancy’s time as a Navy photographer. It’s actually a career that I would definitely consider if the opportunity would arise. It’s probably because my dad is a retired Navy Corpman. My family is the way it is thanks to my dad serving in the U.S. military. I’m sure my life would have been completely different if he never enlisted. So that subject matter would be something familiar, and I would be looking at it with a different pair of eyes.

I can’t remember the quote exactly, but I really like what she said about moments being unpredictable and seeing what unravels in front of you. Or something along those lines. As photographers, we can’t control everything and sometimes that is a good thing. Happy accidents happen for us and sometimes they are better than what we even had planned.

Brianna the Rose: Medication

So the other night, when we were going to get dinner, it also happen to be medication night. Actually, every night we went out this week ended up being a medication night. We were going to one of Bri’s favorite sushi restaurants. There was a small wait before we were going to get seated, so we decided to get her medication done before eating. Every other day, Bri does injections of a medication called Extavia. Her medication helps to prevent the growths in her spine and brain from growing. There are some side effects to the medication, but the positives definitely seem to outweigh them at this point.