An-My Le

An-My Le is a documentary photographer with a focus on military and war. Her work is not like the work of Navy documentary photographers I have seen. It is “ambigious” as she puts it. It’s not just about the military itself, but how it also affects the land, or sometimes, how it doesn’t. Her work is very compelling, especially when she is able to capture such great moments. I think what also makes her working interesting, is that each photograph that she takes is an experience, and that probably has to do with the camera she uses. I’m very intrigued by her technique. She is really talented with her manipulation of large format photography.

I’ve always been intrigued by military documentary photography after hearing about Nancy’s time as a Navy photographer. It’s actually a career that I would definitely consider if the opportunity would arise. It’s probably because my dad is a retired Navy Corpman. My family is the way it is thanks to my dad serving in the U.S. military. I’m sure my life would have been completely different if he never enlisted. So that subject matter would be something familiar, and I would be looking at it with a different pair of eyes.

I can’t remember the quote exactly, but I really like what she said about moments being unpredictable and seeing what unravels in front of you. Or something along those lines. As photographers, we can’t control everything and sometimes that is a good thing. Happy accidents happen for us and sometimes they are better than what we even had planned.


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