Natalie Fobes

Natalie Fobes is really connected to nature in her work. Her work about the Salmon is very enlightening. I would have never thought about there being a Salmon culture. Then again there is always a culture surrounding things related to agriculture. People live off the land still, even if that isn’t so apparent now a days with the surge of technology. I really enjoy her passion when it comes to her work. She really throws herself in there in order to get the coverage she wants. Asides from her technical still, I think it was hard work and passion that got her into National Geographic. You can just tell that its instilled in her from hearing her speak. She is able to capture some great moments that I couldn’t even fathom of witnessing. She captures the wonders of the world, as well as the disasters. She shows us the things we need to see in order to appreciate the world we live in. Her work is thought provoking and it is something that all artists strive to do. I definitely think art is only as good as the conversations they stimulate.


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