Why I didn’t go to MOPA…

So this past weekend, I had the intention of going to MOPA on Saturday morning life got in the way. The previous night, my girlfriend had injection night, and was feeling okay for the first couple of hours but before I was about to head home, she became weak and fatigued. She struggled to walk on her own and at times would potentially faint. She insisted she would be fine if I were to head home. Of course, like always, we went back and forth about what would be good for her. Eventually I went home. I called her once I got home and then she seemed to have gotten a bit worse. She started to complain about a major headache and not being able to feel her legs. I was going to head back to her but she insisted she was fine and she just needed to sleep. We ended up staying up on the phone for a couple of hours and I raised her spirits. She was in a bad place saying she didn’t have it in her to fight on. This caused me to shed tears. I didn’t want her to give up on herself because I know how strong she is. This was a really had night for us. Her physical pain turned into my emotional pain. She eventually got to laughing when we were talking about something and that definitely made me feel better. We went to sleep and after a few hours she called me to come over since she didn’t have anyone to help her get out of bed to go to the restroom. I ended up getting to her house at 5 am and I was able to get her to the bathroom. We then laid next to each other in bed and held her close to keep her warm. One of the side effects of her medication is chills, so even though her body may be burning up, she still feels like she is in the freezer. Having a body next to her always helps. It’s either usually her mother or myself. Her mom was out of town last week, so I was there for her as I always try to be. I ended up staying with her the whole day to take care of her needs. Towards the end of the day, she ended up feeling better. It was just another one of those days for us.


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