Brianna the Rose: Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving didn’t exactly go as planned…

The day before Thanksgiving, Bri wasn’t feeling so well since she didn’t sleep too much that night. I know this because when I was awake that whole night working on homework, she would intermittently check up on me with a text or call. I already know her sleeping pattern was off and figured it would catch up on her, but I didn’t think it would result in her being admitted to the hospital. But now we are just getting ahead of ourselves.

Bri and her mother went to see her primary doctor, and he ended up just telling her to go to the Emergency Room at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. At the E.R., she was seen, got blood work done, then ultimately told by her neurologist that she would be admitted so that she can be given her steroid treatment, and fluids to help with her hydration. Of course she wasn’t the happiest of campers to be in the hospital, we did what we could to make her comfortable.

The first night she was at the hospital, I stayed with her and brought all her belongs, as well as a couple board games. We had a good ol’ time playing those games. We were having so much fun, we didn’t even realize what time it was when we started getting hungry. I fetched us some snacks from the only vending machine we could find and we finished up a movie and finally went to sleep around 3 am Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day, Brianna saw the on call doctor and the physical therapist. The doctor said that she will just be receiving the steroids as treatment and then will be able to go home once she feels like she is up to it. The physical therapist was there for her to learn how to use a worker and see where she was on her physical strength. She did pretty good when she was working with the physical therapist, she just felt winded after all the walking in the halls. We then got some air outside on the terrace of the floor we were on. The warm sun really felt good compared to the air conditioned inside. She was definitely having a good time since we were able to play some Pokemon Go. We eventually went inside to play more board games. Little did she know, two of our friends were coming to visit her and bring her Thanksgiving food. She really appreciated them visiting; she almost started crying because of the surprise. They played some games with us and then eventually headed home. Before they left, Bri’s parents came with a home made Thanksgiving meal. She was so happy! (It’s because she really loves food.) We had a lot of people passing by admiring what they did for their lovely daughter. I think she ended up having a pretty swell Thanksgiving.


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