Deadly Sins of Composition


The deadly sin of composition that really stuck with me is “lacking emotional impact.” The images we create should have some significant meaning and make the viewer feel. Photography and imagery in general are forms of communication. Instead of using words and sentences, we use captured representations of life to deliver our message. There is a reason why the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” exists. The images we create embody our thoughts, opinions, and whatever else comes into our minds.


Another of the deadly sins of composition that reigns true to my work is subject in the bull’s eye. I rarely ever have my subjects in the center. I really favor framing and rule of thirds in my creative images. I’ve been always drawn to rule of thirds. It’s pleasing to most people so I naturally was drawn to this form of composition. Framing came along later for me. Framing using foreground objects and whatever is in the environment makes it fun to explore whatever is around.


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