Watermark was a wonderful presentation put on by Edward Burtynsky about how our lives revolve around water. We grow up learing how essential it to consume water on a daily basis. Our bodies are about 70% of water and if we do not continue to replenish our bodies, then we end up getting sick. This same fact can be said about the world. The film shows us the importance of water to us all. We rely so much on it and it’s probably more than we actually know. Asides from helping to purify our bodily needs, water has become part of culture and business in the world. The people of India use water to cleanse their lives from sin. The native people of America see that we are all one since we all consume the same water, and the things that we consume take in that water as well. It all comes in full circle.


Asides from being about the culture around water, the film Watermark was very visually inspiring film. It was a great example of composition done right. Everything you would learn in an art class about composition is there. Repetition. Contrast. Leading lines. Consciousness about space. It really opens your eyes to look a little harder for the creative parts of the world.


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