Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is probably one of the most well known names in photography. His name is synonymous with the most beautiful landscapes of the United States. Adams just had a great understanding of light and the art form of photography. He always strives for great tonal range and clarity. Photography to him was really all about perception and embracing the real. It is the poetry of the reality in front of you that ends up being the photo that you take. He was an emotionally driven artist. His piece of work were not so much about the subject matter, but about how he felt about them. His creations were not created logically, but with his soul. It was a piece of him every time he made a photo. The one quote that really stood our to me  was:

When I make a photograph, I make love.

This has so much relevance to any artist. Our creations should be tied to our emotions. That gives them so much more meaning. It shows there was some sort of intent in the creation process. The best work always has intention backed behind it. It always means more when what you create means something to you.

No matter who the artist is, he or she progresses in their work. Ansel Adams did not always have the same look throughout his creative career. That should be something we aspire to do as artists. We should never feel completely content with our creations. Sure, be happy about what you create, but always feel you can do better next time. Progress and learning is what makes life and art great. There is always something new try. Once we feel like we can grow no longer, then it all loses its shine and shimmer. It just ends up being meaningless. We all desire to have meaning for our lives, and that should be said about what we create.


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