Border Cantos

Bonder Cantos was something so relevant to current affairs. I know until I was show images of the current wall at the nation’s southern border that I didn’t know it existed. Like it was said in the video, it seems to be just a political spectacle. It’s really a crazy idea to finish this physical wall, especially how much money it would cost the nation and how much it would disturb the areas it would be running through. It affects the lives of those that live by walls. It is not only a physical border that separates the nations of the US and Mexico, but it also separates animals from their migratory routes. It affects all the ecosystems asides from our own. This was not covered in the Border Cantos video, but I can’t help think of another video I saw in regards to the wall. It depicted the destructive nature of the wall, just as it is depicted by Richard Misrach. This wall and the areas around it is what brings our cultures together. Each side of the wall has their opinions about it and over all it is negative. There is so much wrong about boxing out people from accessing those that they love and the land that they live on. People seek to create bonds to better themselves, and all this wall does is prevent that from happening. The ridiculousness of the wall can easily be depicted by one of Misrach’s images, where the corner piece of the wall is all by itself and grass began to grow just around that area.



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