Camille Seaman

I love how she approaches photographing the polar ice as if she was doing portraits. It is such a great approach to the subject matter. With the constant change in the world, she is so right that the images she has taken of the icebergs are so unique. If she were return today to the same locations she photographed, I am certain that they be totally different. All those moments are fleeting and we should all be so thankful to see the beauty of the ice as she has captured them. They are shown with such majesty. Her work and approach echoes what I usually say about my portrait work. She realizes the relationship with your subject matter makes all the difference in results. The more you are in tune with your subject, the better your results. If she did not see the polar ice with the outlook she has, I am more than certain her images wouldn’t be as powerful. Seeing the personality of your subject makes an image that much more powerful.

Camille Seaman embraces nature as if she was taking in her own family. She speaks about the world as if she were one of it. Her beautiful words are so respectful to Mother Nature. You can really tell that she cares about the earth and how people see it. She knows how intertwined our lives are with the result of the world. Our decisions affect how the world will change and if we anger the world, it will fit back.


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