Magic Light in Carlsbad Village

On Friday, I had a creative meeting with my friend Zhariam for a upcoming video project before I was planning to shoot for this assignment. When she found out that I was gonna shoot, she decided to tag along. I am so glad she decided to come with me because the images we made ended up being so good. I have shot with Zhariam before but it was a different energy since weren’t one on one. She was really easy to work with, which definitely helped with the amazing light we were getting in the Carlsbad Village area. There was a really nice and soft, red light coming from the sun as it was setting into the ocean. There were no real harsh shadows when we were shooting since the lighting was so soft. I really liked how the shadows were gradually falling off my subject but still gave her dimension, as well as the environment around us.


Double Peaks, Double Inspiration

What’s great about shooting the same location over and over? You get inspired when you shoot at a new one. This was my first time shooting at Double Peak Park. Prior to shooting there, I had only been there one time but photography was not as big of a part of my life at that time. The view from up there is so amazing. That is definitely something that is unquestionably true.

10 Most Compelling Photos

For my 10 most compelling photos I chose images that have elements that I define my style. They also contain elements and technique that I wish to further develop. I am really happy with my progress in photography. I am really starting to get into the groove of things and I think I am really getting to know my aesthetic. I can’t wait to see where the rest of my progress is going to get me.

Narrative Portrait: Daniel Kirk

This is Daniel Kirk. He is a close friend of mine, someone that I also consider to be a brother. I have watched him grow into his potential as a dancer and I must say, I am so proud of him. Day in and day out he continues to better himself and those that he directs on the team I helped found. I will continue to watch his growth because I know he will go far in his dance career. He has so much ahead of him and it always excites me when he has new stories to tell about his dance adventures.